Hire Dr. MegaVolt

If you are considering having Dr. MegaVolt appear on your TV show, or perform at your next event or party, please use the contact form below.  We will discuss the particulars and I will send you a copy of our technical rider which describes what is involved to produce a Dr. MegaVolt show.

Dr. MegaVolt is available for a wide range of events, parties, concerts, festivals, product endorsements and commercials. The Dr. MegaVolt show is unique. We have a few special considerations you should consider before contacting us:

1) Our show must be performed in low light, otherwise the electrical discharges are not easily seen. Please, no daytime shows unless the show is indoors.  Late afternoon right around sundown is about the earliest we can do a show and get good visuals.

2) We greatly prefer to be outside in a parking lot or other similar space, with no overhead wires nearby.

3) Indoor shows are possible, but only under special conditions.

4) The coil generally requires a minimum height of 25 feet to any electrical wires or lighting grids.  We have built special grounded cages for the coil when it was not possible to achieve this much clearance.

5) The show requires a 25 foot diameter circle with a safety fence or barrier and with no people or objects inside except the suited performer(s).   Tesla Coils are potentially very dangerous to anyone that gets too close.  Again, we have built special grounded cages for the coil when it was not possible to achieve this much clearance.

6) The coil requires a dedicated 240 volt power supply that can supply a minimum of 150 amps. Generators are available if you do not have adequate site power.  We prefer to operate with 60Hz power off generators for all overseas performances.

7) The coil is a broad spectrum RF transmitter. Special consideration must be given if the coil is to operate simultaneously with any public address, video, or audio equipment. This is not an insurmountable challenge, but adequate time must be allowed during setup for testing. We have occasionally observed undesirable interaction with intelligent lighting and motion control equipment, but there are almost always ways to deal with these issues.